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Full service Plzeň

Full service Plzeň is performed in a new compound of the transport base, which is situated on the premises of the company Škoda in Plzeň. It is one of the largest PPP (Public Private Partnerships) projects in the Czech Republic. The new transport base for the Pilsen City Transport Company (PMDP) has the area of about 11.6 ha. It includes especially halls, where motor vehicles are serviced, car washes, paint booths, storage areas, filling stations, etc. Furthermore, it includes two lay-by areas: a roofed lay-by for parking of trolleybuses and an outdoor lay-by for parking of buses including engine pre-heating facilities. 

In the administrative four-floor building there will be complete technical background, training rooms, dressing rooms and sanitary facilities both for needs of the buyer and for needs of the supplier. The building will also include a boarding facility and archives.

Currently, 112 buses and 86 trolleybuses will be situated in this depot. Full service will be performed by the Škoda City Service for the period of twenty nine years. The full depot capacity is 175 buses and 136 trolleybuses. Places, where vehicles could cross each other's way, were completely eliminated. In the areas, where vehicles could accumulate (car washes, filling stations), an accumulation space was established, which allows vehicles to wait without obstructing passage through the compound. The compound has two entrance gates, both allow for entrance and exit of vehicles of both tractions (meaning that both gates have trolley wires).

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