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Full Service Praha is performed in the Metro Repair Plant (OZM) in Prague and in two out of three depots of the Prague subway - the depot Zličín and the depot Hostivař. The subway repair base in Prague is the largest service centre in the capital city, where all repairs of the complete vehicle fleet of the A and B lines take place, i.e. of 93 modernised subway sets 81.71M. Subway sets used on the subway line A are deposited and maintained in the depot Hostivařand repairs and depositing of the subway sets on the line B take place in the depot Zličín. Higher levels of repairs and maintenance are performed in OZM.

The Prague Transport Company (DPP) assigned full service of the Prague subway to the company Škoda Transportation for the period of 11 years in 2010. Maintenance and repairs are performed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This requires a high quality of performed works, exact observation of servicing intervals and last but not least, fast return of the repaired vehicles into the operation. Due to investments into new technologies and other technical appreciation of the existing technologies, we have managed to perform corrective and preventive maintenance on these vehicles with maximum efficiency.

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