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Locomotive Emil Zátopek

The modern multi-system universal electric locomotive Emil Zátopek follows a long tradition of Škoda production and became the first post-revolution Czech locomotive. This fastest and most efficient domestic locomotive meets all strict technological parameters as well as the latest European safety regulations TSI. Its greatest advantage is its ability to operate in three electrification systems, the operator thus does not have to change the machines in stations. The electric locomotive Emil Zátopek is prepared for the use of the unified European signalling, control and train protection system ECTS, it enables dynamic braking in all electrification systems and it is suitable for operation on curved lines.

The shape of the body is designed to minimize the production of aerodynamic noise and the intensity of the drag at high speeds. Thanks to a four-axle drive Emil Zátopek is the most efficient locomotive of its kind in the world. In the colours of the Czech Railways the locomotive pulls passenger trains on long-distance tracks where it can reach the speed of up to 200km/hour.

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Length over the buffers 18 000 mm
Body width 3 080 mm
Max. speed 200 km/h
Weight 88 t
Continuous power 6 400 kW
Starting tractive effort 275 kN
Continuous tractive effort 220 kN
Electrification systems 3 kV DC
25 kV/50 Hz
15 kV/16,7 Hz

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