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Modernized metro 81-71M

The company has gained experience from the extensive and comprehensive upgrade of the original Russian metro cars. The new 81-71 M five-car trains, which run on two metro lines, consist of two front cars, an additional car fitted with batteries and additional cars fitted with a compressor. Within the modernization we have managed to improve the safety of the passengers and drivers, we have significantly expanded the lifetime of the vehicles and made the maintenance more efficient, so the cars are now comparable with modern vehicles. Passenger comfort has been greatly improved as well.

 Most of the modernization procedures were taken at and in the front part of the vehicle. The refurbished cars were equipped with new compressors, pneumatic equipment including air dryers and computer control. Modern metro cars are equipped with a traction drive and a regenerative braking system. They also comply with the latest safety regulations, including requirements for fire resistance and non-toxicity of the floor, internal linings and cables. Each of the cars has a new modern fire alarm system. The interior design of the car is particularly new, providing generous standards of comfort to standing and seated passengers, and of course there is a user-friendly information system.

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Contact person:

Marek Herbst

Phone: +420 378 186 702

Length over coupling
– 2 Mt
– 3 a 4 Mt

19 398 mm
19 210 mm
Body width 2 712 mm
Height above the top of rail 3 660 mm
Track gage 1 435 mm
Catenary voltage 750 V DC
Continuous power 440 kW
Max. speed 80 km/h
Number of passengers sitting / standing
in the car 2 Mt
in the cars 3 a 4 Mt

38 / 216
48 / 218

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