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Motor Unit Regionova Trio


Except for increasing of travelling comfort the main contribution is also reduction of operation and maintenance costs. Modernized units have a lower fuel consumption, relay is not necessary at the end station. Engine with higher efficiency enables better acceleration which results in shortening of the running time.

“Regionova Trio” consists of two motor vehicles and one low-floor vehicle inserted and all vehicles are connected to each other permanently when performing. It is a comprehensive modernization of original vehicles, which were produced in Vagonka Studenka between 1973 and 1983, specifically motor vehicle 810 and a connecting vehicle 010 from possession of ČD (Czech Railways). This way is an efficient solution to the ČD rolling stock renewal for a disproportionately lower price than a purchase of a comparable new car is. At the same time a space for adding of new vehicles in rolling stock is created. Regionova motor unit offers to the travelling public a quality, which responds to current conditions.

Attractive vehicles design and overall interior decor are increasing travelling comfort. To increasing of travelling comfort on regional railways the following improvements contribute: a possibility of large luggage transportation, adaptation of the low-floor part of the control vehicle for passengers with lower movability and also a simplification of blind passengers’ transportation by acoustic flashlights and opening door by VPN remote control for the blinds. On the other side, Regionova also improves conditions for operating staff. It is not only controlling traction (electronic controlling system, multi-element controlling, automatic speed regulation), but also the environment, because the driver’s bay is completely modernized. From the passenger prospective there are some improvements mainly in operation economy, e.g. decrease in fuel and lubricants consumption, maintenance costs cut, one-person manipulation with train units and relieving of operation at the stations. Vehicle traction features and performance were improved significantly. All this modernization is focused on the Czech producers and suppliers of components and spare parts and except for low costs, this guarantees also a better availability of components used.

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David Krmíček

Phone: +420 583 365 367

Parameter Motor Unit Regionova Trio
Length over the buffers 42 410 mm
Width 3 073 mm
Height 3 420 mm
Track gage 1 435 mm
Drive – total power 2x 242 kW
Max. speed 80 km/hod
Total number of passengers 286 + 2

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