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Push-pull trainset Slovakia

The push-pull unit for Slovakia consists of a double-deck driving car and double-deck intermediate cars.

The unit is designed for a maximum speed of 160 km/h and 1 435 mm gauge.

The vehicle body, which is made of large aluminium parts, reduces the weight of the units significantly and extends their life. The internal CCTV with recording and video transmission in real time to the driver’s cabin and the exterior anti-graffiti paint help improve passenger safety and reduce the effects of vandalism.

Wide, low-floor entrance doors contribute to the fast, comfortable and safe boarding and exiting of passengers, including those with reduced mobility and passengers with luggage and prams.

At the customer’s request, the unit is provided with 362 seats with a total capacity of 714 passengers.

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Contact person:

Ivo Gurňák

Phone: +420 597 477 311

Parameter Push-pull trainset Slovakia
Length of coaches 26 400 mm
Body width 2 820 mm
Height of coaches 4 635 mm
Track gauge 1 435 mm
Number of seats 362
Max. speed 160 km/hod

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