Single-deck electric units References REGIOPANTER ELECTRIC UNIT FOR SLOVAKIA
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Regiopanter is a two-system single-deck electric vehicle, designed for operation on 1,435 mm-gauge regional tracks with a traction voltage of 3 kV DC or 25 kV 50 Hz. The installed power of 6 x 340 kW allows a maximum speed of 160 km/h and excellent driving dynamic. The bodies are made of aluminium alloys, the interior is open without partitions and with view through the entire train. The fully air-conditioned passenger compartment is equipped with comfortable seats, 230 V outlets for working on a PC, an audiovisual information system and a local WiFi network allowing passengers to access the internet. The passenger compartment has multifunctional sections for disabled passengers and for the transport of strollers and bicycles, and there are also shelves for the transport of large luggage.

For quick, safe and comfortable passenger boarding, the vehicles are equipped with 1,500 mm-wide sliding doors fitted with auxiliary steps to overcome the gap between the platform and the vehicle. The placement of the doors allows level access from standard platforms with a height of 550 mm. For boarding from lower platforms, the doors are equipped with retractable steps at 200 mm above the tracks and with flip-up ramps for passengers in wheelchairs.

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Contact person:

Ivo Gurňák

E-mail: ivo.gurnak@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 597 477 311

Trainset length 79 400 mm 105 900mm
Height 4 260 mm 4 260 mm
Width 2 820 mm 2 820 mm
Nominal track gauge 1 435 mm 1 435 mm
Installed power 2 040 kW 2 040 kW
Maximum speed 160 km/h 160 km/h
Nominal contact voltage 3 000 V DC / 25 000 V, 50 Hz 3 000 V DC / 25 000 V, 50 Hz
Axle arrangement Bo‘2‘ + 2’Bo‘ + 2’Bo‘ Bo‘2‘ + Bo‘2‘ +  2‘2‘  +  2’Bo‘
Number of seats 247 343
No. of standing passengers (4 persons/m2) 212 285

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