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Single deck electric unit Interpanter

InterPanter units are designed for interregional and long-distance transport. The interior of the Interpanter electrical units is designed for comfortable travel over long distances.

 The InterPanter electric unit has separate passenger compartments; the 1st class is divided into several sections, which are located in different parts of the train. There is also a section for mothers with children as well as large-volume shelves for excess baggage.

 Both three and five-car versions are used in the Czech Republic. At the customer’s request, the three-car InterPanter has 200 seats and the five-car version 350 seats. There is also plenty of space for people with reduced mobility or bicycles.

 The InterPanter electric units are a dual-system produced for 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz voltage and are designed for a 1,435 mm track gauge.

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Ivo Gurňák

Phone: +420 597 477 311

Parameter Three-car unit Five-Car Unit
Rated trolley voltage 3kV DC /25kV 50Hz 3kV DC /25kV 50Hz
Maximum speed 160 km/h 160 km/h
Installed output 6 x 340 kW 8 x 340 kW
Gauge 1 435 mm 1 435 mm
Length of the set 79 400 mm 132 400 mm
Width of the car 2 820 mm 2 820 mm
Parameter Three-car unit Five-Car Unit
Height of the car 4 260 mm 4 260 mm
Starting height from TK 580 mm 580 mm
Number of seats (of wich 1st class) 200 (25) 350 (42)
Number of seats for orthopedic carts 2 2
The number of places for bicycles + strollers 10 + 6 15 + 8

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