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Single deck electric unit RegioPanter

The RegioPanter is designed primarily for regional routes, where passengers will appreciate the comfortable luxury seating, air conditioning, and WiFi connection.

 The wide entrance doors and the full continuous interior without internal doors allow quick and smooth passenger movements at the stations.

 There is wheelchair access with retractable footrests for different platform heights.

Two and three-car Regiopanters are used in several regions of the Czech Republic. On the costumer‘s request two-car-single-deck electric units can provide 147 seats with a total capacity of 317 passengers. Three-car single-deck electric units offer 241 seats with a total capacity of 497 passengers. Inside the train there is also plenty of space for people with reduced mobility or bicycles.

 The Regiopanter electrical units are a single-system for 3 kV DC or a dual-system for 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz. They are designed for a 1,435 mm track gauge and all cars are equipped with a driving bogie with two asynchronous engines and one common bogie.

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Contact person:

Ivo Gurňák

Phone: +420 597 477 311

Parameter Two-car unit Three-car unit
Length 52 900 mm 79 400 mm
Height 4 260 mm 4 260 mm
Width 2 820 mm 2 820 mm
Number of seats 147 241
Power 1 360 kW 2 040 kW
Max. speed 160 km/h 160 km/h

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