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Tramcar Elektra Prague

For the demanding conditions of the Prague tramcar system, Škoda Transportation designed the high-capacity low-floor Elektra Prague tramcar. The Elektra Prague tramcar is a five-section vehicle with a timeless design created in cooperation with the famous Porsche Design studio.

Asynchronous traction motors and microprocessor-controlled voltage inverters, together with the possibility of recuperation, dramatically reduce both energy requirements and maintenance costs.

The electrical equipment is placed in easily accessible compact containers mounted on the roof. The car bodies of all vehicle sections are made of well-proven materials, ensuring a long lifetime and excellent reliability. With all its bogies being driven, the Elektra Prague tramcar has sufficient starting and braking power to operate on demanding steep track gradients (up to 85‰). Driving on the curved tracks of Prague’s historic center is simplified by computer control, limiting speed to a safe value.

An entrance height of 350 mm above TOR enables easy boarding of the vehicle. Full barrier-free access is provided by the retractable bridge plate in the wide door area. Useful low-floor area represents 50% of the entire vehicle floor. Inside the spacious interior, there is plenty of space for baby-buggies and passengers with reduced mobility. Comfortable cushioned seats are provided with easily changeable and cleanable covers. For the passengers’ riding comfort, both an intercom and a comprehensible information system are available. In its basic design for the Prague Transportation Authority, the Elektra Prague tramcar is equipped with an intercom, closed-circuit television (CCTV), and a separate air-conditioned driver’s cabin.

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Parameter Tramcar Elektra Prague
Total number of passengers 279
Length 30 250 mm
Width 2 460 mm
Height 3 450 mm
Gauge 1 435 mm
Max. speed 60 km/h
Electrification 600 V DC
Drive – total power 540 kW
Low floors 50 %

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