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Tramcar Elektra Wroclaw - bi-directional

In the partially low-floor tram Škoda Elektra Wroclaw the company Škoda Transportation follows in the series of bi-directional vehicles which became popular with passengers in the Italian city of   Cagliari and in American Portland. This vehicle which was improved in many respects proceeds from the tram Elektra Wroclaw and it can be deployed also in the framework of commuter transport. The most modern five-section tram from the series Elektra has three bogies of which the outer ones are driving.

The cars of the modern five-section tram from the series Elektra are produced in the Porsche design and with a modern design of the front of the tram which can better resist a possible impact in an accident. The electric equipment is located on the roof of the vehicle, voltage converters enable energy recuperation which together with the asynchronous traction motors reduces the cost of operation and maintenance. A typical feature of the tram Elektra Wroclaw is a pantograph placed above the middle section of the tram.

The vehicle is equipped with a cruise control, ABS, EPS and other systems known from luxury passenger cars. The control computer therefore adjusts the speed appropriately to a ride in a curve or down a slope. The driver cabin is located at both ends of the tram and doors for passengers are at both sides of the car. Easy boarding and exiting, a spacious fully air-conditioned interior with reserved places for persons with reduced mobility, prams and bicycles or a clear information system contribute to comfortable travelling. Barrier-free design is provided by means of remotely controlled extendable platforms in the space of the wide entry doors. The driver cabin is equipped with air-conditioning, and the tram 19 T is now also equipped with a CCTV system which records both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

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Parameter Tramcar Elektra Wroclaw
Total number of passengers 252
Length 30 250 mm
Width 2 460 mm
Height 3 450 mm
Gauge 1 435 mm
Max. speed 70 km/h
Electrification 600 V DC
Drive – total power 380 kW
Low floors 65 %

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