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Tramcar ForCity Alfa Riga

ForCity Alfa Riga trams are similar in design to the Prague ForCity Alfa trams. The main differences include bogies adapted for a wider track gauge, the drive of only three of the four bogies suitable for the flat character of the city and the use of components suitable for harsh northern winters.

This uni-directional tram is of the same length and width as the Prague tram. It has a three-section design with a 1524 mm gauge and can accommodate 189 passengers (4 persons/ m2),

60 seated, and the four section extended version can accommodate 255 passengers, 79 of which are seated. An interesting feature is a lift which facilitates the loading of a wheelchair from ground level for stations that don’t have a platform.

The first tram was delivered to the capital city of Latvia in the first half of 2010. In total there are twenty four three-section and six four-section white and blue trams in Riga.

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Contact person:

Roman Sorkin

Phone: +420 59747 7708

Parameter Tramcar ForCity Alfa Riga
Total number of passengers 318
Length 31 400 mm
Width 2 500 mm
Height of the vehicle over the collector 1 524 mm
Max. speed 70 km/h
Electrification 600 V DC
Drive – total power 559 kW
Low floors 100 %

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