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ForCity Classic Eskişehir are 100% low-floor tramcars with a non-rotatable chassis for a 1000 mm gauge. The vehicles combine elements used in vehicles delivered to Konya, Turkey and to Bratislava (narrow gauge).

The vehicles will be equipped with powerful traction batteries - thanks to which the carrier in Eskişehir will be able to operate them for more than a kilometer catenary-free stretch, which the city plans to build.

The five-car 30 m unidirectional tramcar can accommodate more than 270 passengers.

The delivery of all the vehicles to the Turkish city of Eskişehir will take place in 2018. The vehicles have an elegant design that fits into the colors of the city of Eskişehir.

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Contact person:

Olesea Lachi

E-mail: olesea.lachi@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 225 343 327

ParametEr TRAMCAR Forcity Classic Eskişehir
Length 30 080 mm
Width 2 300 mm
Height of the vehicle over the collector 3 500 mm
Max. speed 70 km/h
Electrification 750 V DC
Drive 400   kW
Low floors 100 %

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