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Tramcar ForCity Plus Bratislava

The ForCity Plus Bratislava vehicle is intended for tram networks that use a narrow gauge. End sections are fitted with pivoting bogies. The arrangement of inner components and bogies are similar to the ForCity Classic trams. The vehicle retains its excellent driveability and optimum placement of doors and despite the narrow gauge of only 1 000 mm, it still offers a spacious interior providing plenty of comfortable seating.

Five-section trams with four robust bogies, three of which are driven, are delivered to the customer in two versions with a length of 32.5 m and width of less than 2.5 m. The uni-directional version of the tram can accommodate 207 passengers (4 persons/m2) with 69 seats and 88 % low floor compliancy; the bi-directional version holds 204 passengers (4 persons/m2) with 52 seats and has a 92 % low floor compliancy.

Deliveries to the Slovakian capital city began at the start of 2015. All sixty vehicles were delivered by mid 2016.

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Contact person:

Jan Velich

Phone: +420 22534 3581

Parameter Tramcar ForCity Plus Bratislava
The total number of passengers
- with occupation 8 persons/m2
- with occupation 5 persons/m2

Length 32,5 m
Width 2,48 m
Vehicle height over collector 3,56 m
Rozchod 1000 mm
Max. operating speed 65 km/h
Power supply 600 V DC a 750 V DC
Drive performance 600 kW

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