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Tramcar ForCity Smart Artic Jokeri Line

ForCity Smart Artic Jokeri Line tramcars are 100% low-floor trams with pivoting bogies.

There is a folding mechanism in the central part of the vehicle for barrier-free boarding and exiting of passengers.

The bi-directional ForCity Smart Artic tramcar containing five to seven sections features a gauge of 1,000 mm; it is fully low-floor and it can accommodate 214 to 287 passengers (4 people/m2) with 82 to 108 available seats depending on the number of cars.

Thanks to the materials used, the vehicles fit in with the cold operating environment with a high level of corrosion. The tramcars have low life-cycle costs and their design allows easy corrective and quick daily maintenance.

Towards the end of 2016, Škoda Transtech, a subsidiary of Škoda Transportation, signed an agreement of intention to supply 29 tramcars for the new line “Raide-Jokeri”, connecting the Finnish cities of Helsinki and Espoo. The new line “Raide-Jokeri” will be 25 km long with 33 stops, and it will replace the current busy bus line. 

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Contact person:

Ollipekka Heikkilä

E-mail: ollipekka.heikkila@transtech.fi
Phone: +358 50 3648770

The total number of passengers
-with occupation 4 persons/m2

Length 34 m
Width 2,42 m
Maximum operating speed 80 km/h
Electrification 600 V DC/750 V DC

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