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Trolleybus 30 Tr

This is a twelve-meter, four-door, low floor trolleybus, which has been manufactured by Škoda Electric since 2010.  The vehicle was designed for public transport, operating at a voltage of 600 or 750 V DC. Škoda Electric supplies all electric equipment for the vehicles, which is stored in a container on the roof of the vehicle. The trolleybus can also be equipped with an auxiliary diesel generator or traction batteries, which can be placed in the rear part of the vehicle, allowing a full-fledged ride in places without overhead contact lines.

Passenger comfort is increased by the low floors of the vehicle, and boarding is facilitated with the "kneel" function, when the trolleybus tilts towards the edge of the sidewalk. Passenger comfort in the trolleybus is also improved by a high-performance heating system a comprehensive information system. The vehicle also includes a tilting platform for wheelchair users.

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Contact person:

Petr Kasenčák

Phone: +420 37818 3216

Parameter TROLLEYBUS 30 TR
Length 12 180 mm
Width 2 550 mm
Height 3 400 mm
Power 160 kW
Max. Speed 65 km/hr
Number of seats 104

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