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Trolleybus 31 Tr

The last in the series of Škoda trolleybuses is model ŠKODA 31Tr. This type is an eighteen-meter, fully low-floor, articulated trolleybus designed for public transport. The modern Škoda vehicle facilitates transport with five doors for passengers to board and exit the vehicle. The first Škoda 31Tr trolleybus was manufactured in late 2010, and it became highly sought-after in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Škoda Electric supplies all the electric equipment and performs a general assembly of this three-axle vehicle.  The trolleybus can also be equipped with an auxiliary diesel generator or modern traction batteries.

Passenger comfort is increased by the vehicle's low floors, efficient heating system and comprehensive information system. It also includes a tilting platform for wheelchair users and the "kneel" function, which facilitates boarding and exiting the vehicle.

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Contact person:

Petr Kasenčák

Phone: +420 37818 3216

Parameter TROLLEYBUS 31 TR
Length 18 750 mm
Width 2 550 mm
Height 3 400 mm
Power 250 kW
Max. Speed 65 km/hr
Number of seats 166

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