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Škoda Electric has developed and produced a new trolleybus, the Škoda 35 Tr. It is a modern, 18 m articulated vehicle. The trolleybus can be continuously charged with the “In-Motion Charge” battery through the overhead contact line, which allows storing energy in the vehicle’s batteries. The vehicle can then be deployed on routes without the overhead contact lines having to cover the entire length of the route. This makes planning urban transport easier, reducing infrastructure costs.

The ratio of trolley and traction can reach up to 50/50; the carrier therefore profits from the electric vehicle, which is powerful in all circumstances and does not waste time with static charging since it gains energy while driving under the overhead contact lines. The new trolleybus was created on the basis of cooperation with Iveco, the manufacturer of the vehicle’s body.

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Contact person:

Petr Kasenčák

E-mail: petr.kasencak@skoda.cz
Phone: +420 37818 3216

Length 18 559 mm
Width 2 871 mm
Height 3 556 mm
Power 160 kW
Max. Speed 65 km/hr
Number of seats 125

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