2018 / 09 / 11

Fourteen new trolleybuses were delivered to the Bulgarian city of Pleven in the last few days. Škoda Electric based in Plzeň has been largely involved in the production process.  The last trolleybuses of the fleet of low-floor vehicles appeared in Pleven by the end of August and the start of September.

"Thanks to the installation of traction batteries, the trolleybuses will be able to travel even in places where there is no overhead contact line," highlights the flexibility of the vehicles Petr Kasenčák, Business Director of Škoda Electric. The “kneeling” feature that lowers the vehicle up to the edge of the walkway makes the entry and exit of passengers much easier.

Škoda Electric has been successful in Bulgaria for a long time. "There have been already forty new trolleybuses produced by the company based in Plzeň running through the streets of the Bulgarian city of Pleven since 2014. Further sixty trolleybuses from this contract are running, besides Pleven, also in Burgas, Varna and Stara Zagora. These vehicles offer higher passenger comfort, powerful air conditioning system and a modern audio-visual system," says Petr Kasenčák.

The Škoda factory in Plzeň has also delivered fifty low-floor articulated vehicles Škoda 27 Tr to Bulgaria´s capital Sofia in recent years. Further thirty trolleybuses of type 26 Tr are used in Sofia to the full satisfaction of the operating company and the passengers. In total, more than 500 trolleybuses from Škoda factory are operating in Bulgaria.

Škoda Electric (member of Škoda Transportation group) is Europe's largest trolleybus manufacturer. Over the existence of its trolleybus production, it has delivered more than 14,000 trolleybuses in the domestic and foreign markets. Besides the development and production of conventional trolleybuses, Škoda Electric offers several types of new battery-powered electric buses.

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