2019 / 09 / 25

The operation of ForCity Trams from Škoda Transportation was inaugurated today with passengers in Chemnitz, Germany. These are bidirectional, 100% low-floor vehicles with a stainless steel body. The Plzeň-based company is supplying a total of fourteen of these modern vehicles with a completely new design for the German city.

 “Today, the first two trams from the Škoda factory went into operation in Chemnitz. Passengers can use the new trams with state-of-the-art technology made of stainless steel with air suspension, a gearless drive and permanent magnet motors. The vehicles offer fully barrier-free movement, ”says Zdeněk Majer, Member of the Board of Directors and Senior Vice President Sales of the Škoda Transportation group, adding: “This is the first city in Germany to use trams made in the Plzeň-based Škoda Transportation plant. This contract proves that our ForCity trams can succeed in public transport in Western European cities and competing against the world's largest companies. We've been successful in the German market in recent years. A total of eighty new modern trams will be heading to Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg in the coming years. "

Škoda Transportation won a contract for the supply of trams for the Chemnitz public transport company in June 2016. The total price of the contract is about 950 million crowns. The Chemnitz transport company (CVAG) will receive modern low-floor vehicles that meet the latest German barrier-free requirements. Škoda Transportation has delivered new concepts with axle bogies to Chemnitz. The body of the vehicle is made of stainless steel, and is designed with the strength of an LRV (suburban vehicles 400 kN/80km/h).

The modern interior of the vehicle, using the latest knowledge of composite development, contains a completely flat floor in the longitudinal aisle (no longitudinal ramps). The wide aisle with no longitudinal slopes allows users of conventional wheelchairs to move along the entire vehicle in the event of an emergency. In combination with air suspension, keeping the boarding edge at the same height regardless of vehicle load and in accordance with new VDV standards, it is possible to board with wheelchairs or prams without the use of additional ramps at the new platform (comparable to comfortable boarding of the metro). “The vehicles have a new generation of proven electric propulsion and SW. A completely new tram was developed, for which we would like to thank the design engineers from the Škoda Transportation group. We are also honored to be able to work with top CVAG experts,” adds   Jaroslav Kulhánek, Chief Engineer of the project.

The tram is naturally equipped with air conditioning in both the driver and passenger compartments. It also has a clear information system and a new sophisticated audio system for the visually impaired. There are two large multifunctional spaces for up to 4 wheelchairs or prams, or for 4-6 bicycles, in the passenger compartment. The tram is 31.4 m long and 2.65 m wide. The total passenger capacity is up to 281 people, with 64 seats.

Back in 2012, the Prague tram ForCity Alfa carried passengers in trial operation. The operation at the time was deemed very successfully, and it became the basis for the later successful offer. Two more ForCity Smart Artic trams made in Škoda Transtech, Finland, are in operation in Schöneiche near Berlin. Škoda Transportation also won a contract for the supply of modern trams for the Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr (rnv) transport company last June. A total of eighty trams in the basic delivery will be operated on lines between Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg. The contract also includes an option for another 34 vehicles. The total value of the contract is several billion crowns.

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