Media News State of the art repair facility in the Czech Republic was ceremonially opened today

State of the art repair facility in the Czech Republic was ceremonially opened today

2014 / 08 / 29

The new technological base of the Pilsen City Transport Company was put into operation on the premises of Škoda in Pilsen today, one year earlier than expected. It is one of the largest projects from the area of partnerships between the public and private sector (PPP project - Public Private Partnerships) in the Czech Republic. The new depot will currently serve 112 buses and 86 trolleybuses.

"The depot on Cukrovarská Street, which had provided a base for cars, drivers and mechanics for 115 years, did not met the requirements for the safe parking of public transport vehicles, or for the development of technological facilities for vehicle servicing for a long time.The new repair and servicing facility enables the use of modern and ecological technologies in the area of vehicle servicing. It complies with the requirements of the 21st century and its size is designed to successfully serve public transport for at least as long as the depot on  Cukrovarská Street" added Michal Kraus, chairman of the Board of Directors of PMDP.

"Building and putting the new facility into operation one year earlier than expected is a huge success for us. The construction of the depot for Pilsen buses and trolleybuses took only about two years. The new facility offers high-quality services in the area of vehicle servicing and repairs. It is one of the most modern facilities of this type used in Europe. We would like to continue with this trend of building new facilities for long-term servicing and repairs especially for our vehicles in other cities as well," said general manager of the company Škoda Transportation Josef Bernard.

"Investments of the city into the technological base for public transport companies were imperative for two reasons: first, the facility on Cukrovarská Street was approaching the end of its life and its capacity was insufficient, and secondly, we had to improve workplace conditions for our employees. On the one hand some citizens may think that the city budget will be excessively strained by the construction of the new technological facility for public transport vehicles, on the other hand it is a guarantee that public transport services will continue to be provided to citizens at high-quality levels.“ stated city mayor Martin Baxa.

"During the summer, we started the process of moving from the current unsuitable depot on Cukrovarská Street. The first vehicles moved were trolleybuses in July and then the entire bus fleet was moved a month later. As of today, the entire facility has been put into full operation. The area of the new facility is more than 116 thousand square meters, so the space it offers is much larger than the original space, not to mention the new equipment and technologies. The new modern facility is of course even ready to satisfy the new anticipated requirements arising from the further development of public transport services in Pilsen. Moreover, the facility is a part of the traditional industrial complex," added Marek Herbst, general manager of Škoda City Service

The new transport base especially includes halls for vehicle servicing, machine washes, paint booths, storage areas, filling stations, etc. There are also roofed parking places for trolleybuses and parking lots for buses including preheating equipment for engines. An interesting part of the construction is a test track for trolleybuses, which is more than 250 meters long, and is the only roofed test track for trolleys in Europe.

Two newly built entrances, one for trolleybuses and one for buses, lead from Borská Street to the new base situated in the Škoda complex near Karlov. The places where vehicles could cross each other's path were completely eliminated. A complete technological base, training spaces, dressing rooms and sanitary facilities will be situated in the four-floor administrative building. The building will also include a dining facility and archives. Repairs will be performed by top-class experts, highly qualified employees connected with the unique know-how of the Škoda brand. The company Škoda City Service, which will perform repairs and maintenance in this facility, is a part of the strong group of companies Škoda Transportation, which is a traditional and stable employer in Pilsen.

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