2021 / 04 / 12

The Czechs can look forward to traveling in state-of-the-art passenger cars. The Czech Railways national carrier has just ordered them from the Siemens Mobility-Škoda Transportation consortium to operate these coaches on long-distance domestic and international lines. The framework agreement concludes provides for the purchase of a total of 182 cars with its value reaching almost CZK 12.5 billion. The consortium is going to supply up to 180 cars consisting of 20 nine-car sets bearing a capacity of 555 seats and a maximum operating speed of up to 230 km / h. The last two wagons shall be purchased by the Czech Railway Administration Authority. The super-modern comfort cars are to be operated in the upcoming years on routes from Prague via Ústí nad Labem to Hamburg or via Brno to Budapest and Vienna.

“We very much appreciate the fact that to be part of such a major project substantially boosting travelling quality on the Czech and international railways. Environmentally friendly transport, to which the railway undoubtedly belongs to, is gaining more and more importance in Europe, and the use of new modern vehicles is fundamentally increasing the railways attractiveness and is contributing to its growth in the transport market. At the same time, it also helps in meeting the commitments to gradually reduce emissions in transport. I believe that the new wagons parameters with their speed reaching up to 230 km/h including the comfortable transport suitable for business trips and family trips will make more new passengers switch to the Central European railways,“ says Petr Brzezina, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Škoda Transportation Group.

“Czech Republic,is planning to increase the travelling speed on conventional lines to 200 km/h and to build high-speed lines as well. In future, this will provide for trains running at higher speeds than the currently maximum permitted speed of 160 km/h. That´s why we have to continue investing into new trains as planned to meet the standard vehicle equipment requirements operating on both conventional and high-speed networks in Central Europe. Thus, we will strengthen long-term international transport strategic partnerships and manifest our position in the long-distance transport area." Ivan Bednárik, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD, explains and adds: “These sets are going to be equipped with state-of-the-art elements on the current European market and providing thus the highest possible comfort to passengers. We are planning to deploy them on the interstate long-distance lines Prague - Ústí nad Labem - Berlin - Hamburg, Prague - Brno - Budapest and Prague - Brno - Vienna - Graz - Villach. Trains are going to reach their maximum speed in the section between Berlin and Hamburg already in the first years of operation.

The concluded framework contract provides for a total of 182 wagons be purchased, 180 of which are intended for ČD passenger transport, whereas two wagons shall be purchased by the Czech Railway Administration Authority for track testing purposes. The new sets will be approved for operation in the Czech Republic and neighboring European countries. They are providing high comfort to passengers and bringing several innovative elements. “We are very pleased that the Czech railway industry is involved into this contract as well. Our company is going to chip into this contract by supplying selected components and especially by taking after the entire assembly, static tests and the waggon commissioning. The wagons shall be manufactured at our Škoda Vagonka, Ostrava-based production facility. Consequently, we are adding up to the cooperation on a similar project of delivering 50 passenger cars to ČD, which we are currently implementing in Ostrava,” says Tomáš Ignačák, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Škoda Transportation.

“We are pleased that ČD is once again relying on our successful Viaggio platform when it comes to expanding and modernizing its transport services.” says Gerhard Greiter, General Manager of the Northeast Europe Region at Siemens Mobility and adds: “These new waggons are going to pertain to our Czech development department´s brand. They are coming with comfort, offering quiet conditions for travelling even at high speeds and furthermore, there´s barrier-free access. Our state-of-the-art express railway wagons are going to contribute to increasing the attractiveness of a sustainable railway transport in the Czech Republic. "

New passenger cars data:

  • modern non-traction returnable nine-car units with a control car,
  • front control rail car+1st class wagon, inserted 1st class wagon, inserted wagon with a restaurant and a 2nd class section, inserted multipurpose 2nd class wagon (children’s cinema, wheelchair places, etc.), 4 inserted 2nd class wagons, 2nd class end wagon (bicycle transport section),
  • 99 seats in the 1st class, 456 seats in the 2nd class,
  • restaurant section with 18 seats and the possibility of purchasing hot or cold meals as well as other snacks during the trip,
  • open-space air-conditioned interior,
  • The entire set is pressure tight (which is important especially when driving at higher speeds) protecting passengers from pressure shocks and pressure exerted on our ears when passing through tunnels or when passing other trains, while at the same time helping to create a quiet and long-term clean interior,
  • There are automatic photocell-controlled sliding doors controlled between the compartments and the boarding areas,
  • button-operated boarding doors and a selective boarding door unlocking system enabling that the doors be centrally closed and locked against unwanted opening before the train departs and of course, there´s a centralized unlocking system as well
  • to unlock doors after the train stops only on the side of the platform,
  • ergonomically adjustable seats in the 1st class in a 2+1 arrangement with leather upholstery and a
  • 2+2 arrangement with textile cover in the second class,
  • folding tables at the back of the seats in front in cases of seats aligned behind each other and fixed tables between the seats where the seats facing each other,
  • wireless mobile phone chargers in the 1st class,
  • 230 V sockets and USB connectors for powering portable passenger electronic devices,
  • innovative window technology providing for the cell phone signal passing into the wagons more easily while maintaining the glass´ thermal insulation properties, in the windows of the sliding blinds against the sun,
  • Wi-Fi wireless data network internet connection, including an on-board entertainment and information portal,
  • electronic audiovisual information system with integrated LCD monitors and an electronic reservation system,
  • barrier-free access to provide for a wheelchair-friendly travelling, including 3 places for wheelchairs, barrier-free toilets, electric lifting platforms for boarding / exiting people in wheelchairs and sockets for recharging the battery batteries of electric wheelchairs,
  • children’s cinema, nappy changing table, pram storage spaces, 12 bicycle places
  • (including sockets for charging e-bikes) and bulky luggage storage space, approval to be operated in the Czech Republic and the neighboring European countries (Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary).
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